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ZEBRUNISHA BEGAM, PUBAR GRAMIN SHILPA SAMITY, AUSHGRAM-II : The story tells about a lady, her struggle – struggle against poverty, illiteracy, and various social barriers. The lady named Zeburnisha Begam (Contact No.: 9474311151) of Pubar village under Ramnagar GP started her struggle only with her stitching Power & willpower. She comes from minority community with various social barriers. She started the activity of Kanthastitch at her home as a manual worker for some money to support her family. In a very short time, she became popular among her neighbor for her handiwork. Other women of her village came to her to expertise & modernize their skill. Gradually they understood a group is necessary to support their activity. Then they formed a group of 10 women namely, Pubar Gramin Shilpa Samity under DWCRA. Later the group was taken under the fold of SGSY. They contributed @Rs.20/- per month per head in their SB A/C No. 4557, PGB, Ramnagar Branch. Now the balance in SB A/C is Rs.11,855/-. DRDC also comes forward and awarded the group as second graded. Local Bank branch sanctioned loan in the form of Cash-Credit A/C with a limit of Rs.40,000/-. The group members use the Cash-Credit A/C very competently as working capital to run their business smoothly.

Now, the group members have changed the situation under the leadership of Zeburnisha Begam. They are no longer the wage labourer. The group creates some entrepreneurs. They sale their products in various fairs even in outside the state and on wholesaler. Now each member of the group can earns Rs.2000/- per month on an average with a zero level of income. At present, Zeburnisha Begam travels various places including metropolitans to market their products without the help of any male companion. She also helps various groups to market their products.

PIYARUN BIBI & MINA BIBI,BANAFUL SWANIRBHAR GOSTHI, PURBASTHALI-II : This is a story of survival – survival for existence – survival from cruel jaws of exploitation. The story begins with the village Mizbapur, a village under Majida G.P. of Purbasthali-II block. Handloom is the main option as livelihood for the local community. Though skill is in their blood – poverty is their common enemy. The local people invested their skill in the factory of Mahajan as wage labourers. They have been paid hardly Rs.40/- for making a Tant Saree. They had no other identity to tell about. They were fully dependent on Mahajan for sustaining their livelihood.

In the meantime, Piyarun Bibi & Mina Bibi (Contact No.:9732756742) came in touch with some group members. They got the thread to yarn a cloth of new life. They became empowered. They talked with others and motivated the other women. Twelve women came together and formed ‘Banaful Swanirbhar Gosthi’ on 20th decemebr, 2005, started with savings @ Rs.30/- per month as group contribution. Before formation of group they had no ‘Tant’ (loom) – they were the only wage earn labourers. Recently, the group purchased 6 tants with their own savings. DRDC also provided the group Revolving Fund of Rs.5,000/- as first dose and local bank (AB, Laxmipur Branch) sanctioned loan along with a Cash – Credit A/C with a limit of Rs.45,000/-. They used the Cash-Credit A/C as Working Capital. The group uses fund of both the A/C very efficiently. Now they deposit @ Rs.50/- per month as their monthly income become increases to Rs1000/- per member (average). Today they have become fully self dependent. They sale their selfmade products in the local market. DRDC comes forward and sent them to the various fairs and they have proved that they can stand on their own feet. Not only economic activities, members of Banaful Swnirbhar Gosthi are also engaging themselves in various social activities. The group had already organized a blood donation camp very recently and donated blood. This has been done only with their sincerity, honesty & hard work. This is a journey from darkness towards light.

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