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9th September, 2013 - we assume Office of the Zilla Parishad with blessings of the “Maa Maati Maanus” of Bardhaman through an oath taking ceremony which was open to all and first ever of its kind in the history of Bardhaman district. The result of the Panchayat General Election – 2013 reflected the generosity and ecstatic support of the people of Bardhaman towards their most trusted and beloved leader – Smt. Mamata Banerjee who removed the decades long left hegemony from Bengal thereby making West Bengal to aspire for shining future along with inclusive growth, economic development & social justice for all. We, the office bearers along with members of the Zilla Parishad, inspired by the dedication and iron determination of our Hon’ble Chief Minister, stand committed to serve for the people of the district in general and work for the benefit of the underprivileged deprived section of the society in particular. The rock solid support and effort of the experienced & able staff of the Zilla Parishad have been gradually consolidating our belief that we may do wander and we are moving very much in the right direction towards achieving our goals resulting fulfillment of dreams of the people who ushered their blessings on us.

We have been successful in exploring new sources of revenue collection thereby increasing our own fund by a few folds which is in turn expanding our ability to take up new projects for greater interest of the public. Asansol Section of the Zilla Parishad has been revamped. People of the western part of the district no more require coming down to the district head quarter by travelling almost 150 KM for any service from the Zilla Parishad. They can avail services from the Asansol Office. Even they can meet me and other functionaries every week at Asansol. Special programmes have been initiated to percolate the positive effects of economic development of the country amongst Scheduled Cast & Scheduled Tribes. Steps have been taken towards agricultural and industrial growth with an aim of effective employment generation. One village and one Gram Panchayat under every Block are being taken every year to make Ideal Village & Ideal Gram Panchayat respectively. Due importance has been given to the elementary education, health and green environment. Effective measures are being taken with an objective to make this Zilla Parishad smart and people centric.

Improved quality of services, speedy discharge of duties and timely completion of works, that to with transparency and accountability, are the basic need of the times for effective governance. To many extents we have been succeeded on these. However, there are miles to go and we are trying our best to excel ourselves every day.

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